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The program takes place in the eastern standard time (EST) zone and will begin at 10:00 am on Monday, May 27, 2024 and will end on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 4:40 pm.

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2024 Program Topics and Speakers
# Topic Speaker
1 Acute Care Surgery Dr. Nori Bradley
2 Bariatric Surgery Dr. Boris Zevin
3 Benign Breast Disease Dr. Elaine McKevitt
4 Breast High Risk Dr. Alexandra Allard-Coutu
5 Breast Cancer Dr. Alexandra Allard-Coutu
6 Colon Cancer Dr. Marylise Boutros
7 Endocrine Dr. Caitlin Yeo
8 Esophagus Dr. Richard Malthaner
9 Gallstones, Cholecystitis and CBD Injury Dr. John Shaw
10 Gastric Cancer Dr. Trevor Hamilton
11 Head & Neck Masses Dr. Alok Pathak
12 Hernias Dr. Niv Sne
13 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Dr. Shawn Forbes
14 Liver Masses Dr. Michael Hogan
15 Pancreatic Masses Dr. Michael Hogan
16 Perianal Diseases and Anal Cancer Dr. Stephen Kelly
17 Rectal Cancer Dr. Lawrence Lee
18 Sarcomas Dr. Rebecca Gladdy
19 Skin Lesions - Melanoma Dr. Brittany Dingley
20 Thyroid Cancer Dr. Alok Pathak
21 Tips for your exam Dr. Marcus Burnstein
22 Trauma - Abdominal Dr. David Gomez
23 Trauma - Neck/Thoracic Dr. Kelly Vogt
24 Trauma - Pancreatic/Duodenal Dr. Maher Matar
25 Upper & Lower GI Bleeds Dr. Ashlie Nadler
Live Virtual Program

The General Surgery Review Program will be held virtually from May 27 - May 31, 2024.

Login credentials and instructions will be sent to participants two weeks prior to the program taking place.

Materials and video recordings will be accessible until September 13, 2024.


This event is an Accredited Self Assessment Activity (Section 3) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by Canadian Association of General Surgeons. You may claim a maximum of 27 hours. This activity was co-developed with the Canadian Association of General Surgeons.

Note: Online attendance is required to receive a certificate of attendance.

Technical requirements

Optimal viewing of the video stream requires a high-speed Internet connection of at least 2mbps. We recommend that you perform an internet connection speed test before viewing the program. This service is compatible with the latest versions of all major desktop and mobile web browsers. If you are experiencing difficulties with the chat or audio/video stream, please ensure that you have the latest version of your web browser software installed, and that you have not disabled Javascript or Cookies. If you have a firewall or VPN enabled, it's recommended to disable it to obtain full access to the platform features.


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